Technology Licensing Deals

For over a decade, Amunix has forged technology licensing agreements with multiple leading biopharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Merck, Celgene, and Biogen, to leverage XTEN, our proprietary half-life extension technology, and Pro-XTEN, our next-generation prodrug technology. Both technologies have been clinically validated, demonstrating half-life extension, low immunogenicity, and conditional masking (Pro-XTEN only).

Our licensing partners continue to advance candidates through preclinical and clinical development. The most advanced program, Sanofi’s Factor VIII (BIVV001), which is based on our Pro-XTEN platform, is now in a Phase 3 clinical study (Amunix has no remaining rights to this program).

As we work to advance our own proprietary oncology pipeline, we will continue to partner with pharmaceutical companies who will incorporate our technologies into novel products across a spectrum of therapeutic areas.


Please contact if you’re interested in partnering opportunities.