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Amunix to Present Unpublished Data at Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit

– Presentations Describe XTEN Novel Half-life Extension Technology –

Mountain View, CA – May 28, 2014 – Amunix Operating Inc. today announced the company will present new data from its XTEN half-life extension technology development programs during two presentations at the IBC’s 9th Annual Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit being held June 4 through June 6 in San Francisco, CA.  Amunix is a biotechnology company developing hydrophilic, unstructured polypeptides which can be recombinantly fused or chemically conjugated to other peptides, proteins and small molecules.

Vladimir N. Podust, PhD, Director of Analytical Chemistry, Amunix Operating Inc., is scheduled to present “Extension of in vivo Half-Life of Biologically Active Molecules via Chemical Conjugation to XTEN Protein Polymer” on Thursday, June 5 at 11 am during the section titled “Alternative Scaffolds and Delivery Strategies.”

Volker Schellenberger, PhD, Amunix President and Chief Executive Officer, is scheduled to present “XTEN – A Biodegradable Alternative to PEG Enabling Biopharmaceuticals with Precisely Controlled Structure and Valency” on Friday, June 6 at 9:15 am, during the section titled “Alternatives to PEG for Plasma Half-Life Extension.”

“There is a huge need for safer and more effective half-life extension technologies,” said Volker Schellenberger, PhD, Amunix Operating Inc. Chief Executive Officer.  “At Amunix, we have developed XTEN, a protein-based polymer that mimics the biophysical properties of PEG,” Dr. Schellenberger continued.  “While similar to PEG, XTEN greatly increases the size of therapeutic molecules and prolongs their presence in the bloodstream. But compared with other half-life extension technologies, XTENylated products offer numerous advantages.  By adjusting the length of the XTEN polymer, it is possible to generate molecules that can be customized for many therapeutic applications, including endocrinology, metabolic disorders, oncology and cardiovascular diseases.”

About Amunix

Amunix Operating Inc., a biotechnology company headquartered in Mountain View, CA, has developed a novel half-life extension technology based on XTEN; hydrophilic, unstructured polypeptides which can be recombinantly fused or chemically conjugated to other peptides, proteins and small molecules.  Through this proprietary XTEN technology, the company creates and develops novel versions of clinically-proven pharmaceutical products that may offer better efficacy, safety and dosing frequency by extension of the half-life.  Two XTEN products – Exenatide-XTEN (VRS-859) and hGH-XTEN (VRS-317) –  have completed Phase 1 studies through Amunix partners Diartis and Versartis, respectively.  Versartis is currently conducting a Phase 2a study with VRS-317 in pediatric growth hormone deficient patients.  In addition, through its partnership with Biogen Idec, Amunix is developing Factor VIII and is working with Janssen Biotech, Inc. and its affiliates to apply the XTEN half-life extension technology with protein and/or peptide therapeutics selected by Janssen.  Amunix has several other undisclosed partners in various therapeutic areas.   Founded in 2006, Amunix is a profitable, independent biotechnology company with no external investors.  Amunix is actively seeking partnerships for application of its XTEN technology. For additional information about the company, please visit