Technology Overview

XTEN technology enables multiple product formats in a broad range of therapeutic areas

Amunix has developed a highly flexible technology platform based on XTEN®, a class of unstructured hydrophilic, biodegradable protein polymers comprised of natural amino acids. Therapeutic peptides, proteins or small molecules can be attached to XTEN polymers either by genetic fusion or chemical conjugation. Unstructured XTEN protein polymers have very large hydrodynamic volumes, thus imparting a bulking effect to the therapeutic molecules attached to them. Compared with other half-life extension technologies, XTENylated products offer numerous benefits:

  • Exceptionally long half-lives
  • Precisely controlled sequence and length
  • Biodegradable
  • No toxic metabolites
  • Minimized immunogenicity
  • Multiple product formats via genetic fusion or chemical conjugation to therapeutics
  • Multispecific and multivalent products